Kora Organics Haul + First Impression

If you have been following for a while you know how much I love Kora Organics!
It´s always super exciting when they launch new products, because you know it´s gonna be a good one.
I of course had to get my hands on some of their new products, so I thought I would do a first impression for you lovelies!

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My first impression is definitely the packaging with the rose quartz roller, it´s so unique and different!
The oil melts into the skin so nicely. I though it would be more oily, but it´s super nice on the eye area and the roller is so comfortable I just wanna keep rolling!


When I opened this gorgeous little box, I immediately felt this energy of happiness and love.
This tool is one of my favorites, it really gives the face a lovely massage and you can see the puffiness disappears.
I´m excitied to see if there will be any difference in my face.
I will do a whole blog post about gua sha very soon!



Ah, this packaging! So gorgeous!
My first impression is that the ingredients is amazing, that it exfoliates beautifully and leaves the skin baby soft.
I´m so excited to see what this mask can do for my skin, if it can change any discoloration or scarring. So far, I´m very intrigued.


I have so much love and respect for this brand and how much love Miranda has put into it, it truly shows.
I´m surprised that I don´t see more people talk about it!

Cannot wait to for the next product launch. Can you?!
Oh, Tell me your favorite product from Kora Organics in the comments.

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Oatmeal Breakfast Bowl

I was feeling a bit on the creative side this morning, so I created this oatmeal bowl.
Cooked the oats with water and smashed bananas for some added sweetness.
Oatmeal always fills me up and gives me lasting energy!


I´m so excited for the weekend!
Although I´m avoiding the sun the next days because of my sunburn, I´m still gonna enjoy it with my little family.
By the way, who else is watching the World Champion finally this Sunday?
It´s probably the only football game I will watch.
Wishing you a lovely weekend!

Wild Strawberries Picking

Today we went to pick some wild strawberries and blueberries at the cabin. Linnea loved it so much!
We also went out with the boat which was a big hit for her as well.

Now I´m going to sleep for a few hours before my night shift.
I´m so exhausted already, but it´s just one night and then I have the weekend off!

Summer Play

Today Linnea and I woke up, got ready and went straight to the cabin. The weather was so beautiful that we couldn´t miss it.
It´s so cute how obsessed Linnea is with Timmi, she´s so kind to him it´s adorable!

Right now I have just applied a lot of aloe vera on my very sunburned chest and then going to bed. We are probably heading back again tomorrow morning.

Hope you all are enjoying this summer so far, let me know what you been up to!:)