On Friday my boyfriend, our daughter and I went on a little road trip up north to my boyfriend´s family. We are having an amazing time here so far!

We weren´t so lucky with the weather as you can see..


But today has been such a beautiful day here up north. It´s been sunny all day and we have been walking outside and been out with the boat where we saw a bunch of whales jumping up and down in the ocean!

IMG_4049This is my view right now, it is just so beautiful.



I was so surprised when the waiter came with my appetizer, cause I haven´t talked to anyone about me being vegan before the wedding. So I definitely did not expect to get anything vegan at all. So when the food came I got so happy that they had thought of me and that they made sure that I got something to eat as well. How nice of them! If you are a vegan, gluten-free or vegetarian you probably know how happy we get for those things. The food was very tasty as well!
My aunt did also made a vegan chocolate cake that I ate as well, yum yum!

I have more pictures that I want to share from yesterdays wedding, just need to go trough them all. I just want to say that I haven´t had so much fun in a long time. It was a beautiful wedding to say the least.


Today has been a beautiful day! My boyfriend, my baby and I have been by a lake most of the day. The water was too cold to swim in though, so we where just laying in the sun and hanging out.
This week is probably the last week with real Norwegian summer here, so we are trying to enjoy it as much as possible before the fall is coming. On Saturday we are going to a wedding as well, pretty excited about that. I really love my dress that I am going to wear, so stay tuned for that! 🙂




clooEverything is from nelly.com

I have ordered so much clothes this past week and wanted to show you my favorite sweaters that I bought. I love the details on each one of them and they look very pretty on. These sweaters will keep me warm in the Norwegian fall and winter for sure!

What do you think? Do you want to see more of what I got? Let me know in the comments.:)



Good Morning! Or should I say good afternoon?

I just took my daily tablespoon of black strap molasses and drank a big glass of water, now I am going to enjoy this pre breakfast of grapes and smoothie! I always love to start my morning with lots of fruits and water to hydrate my body after a good night sleep.

Last night I was working all night, and I can feel that I am really exhausted today. Luckily I only work for 3 nights this time and then I have a week off as usual. My big plan for today is to get my ass to the gym! I say my big plan because it´s been a very long time since I have been lifting and I can see and feel it on my body that I really need to start with working out properly again because of my back. My back hurts a lot because I´m standing a lot at work, and when I don´t workout it only get worse of course.

I also got a package today with clothes that I want to show you later today or tomorrow. And on Monday I will be filming a new what I ate in a day as a vegan + a bonus video later next week!

Hope you have a wonderful day!