My current home workout routine as a dancer (Lower body)

The last two weeks I have been working out at home since the new year started. I am a member at the gym, but I wanted to focus more on my flexibility and technic before the new dance semester is starting this week.
I will do an update routine when I have started with dance classes and lifting weights again.
This workout routine has only been something I´ve done to get the body started again after the christmas holiday.
So I usually do this workout every second day, and the other days I would focus on the upper body.

I start with warming up to this basic Pilates workout:

And then I do this booty workout! It burns so good if you don´t stop and just continue until your done with the first leg. Repeat X2 on each leg if you can! (Skip to 4:55 for the workout) :

After I´m done with those above I would do some leg raises in turn out, turn in and parallel. And then I will finish with a good flexibility training as the one below.
(Btw, she has 7 day´s of split flexibility workout on her channel, I´ve done them all and still do them everyday. They are really amazing to get deeper into your splits. Just thought I would share that with you if you want to improve your flexibility.)

So there you have my current workout routine at home. No equipment needed!
My splits have improved and I feel stronger, but I am ready to challenge myself again in dance classes and at the gym.

Amazing Polar Stratospheric Clouds

Happy New Years everyone!

I took these photos of polar stratospheric clouds right outside of our apartment on New years eve.
It was impossible to capture how it looked in real life, but oh well. It was like rainbow-colored skies, insanely gorgeous.
I never knew this existed until now. Mother earth is magical!

Have you ever seen polar stratospheric clouds before?