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My favorite time of the day is when the sun sets.
We had a lovely walk by the beach today, and finished off with this gorgeous sunset!

I just love those snapchat filters, haha.

What a glorious day it has been today!
The sun has been shining all day, and I am looking forward to summer more than ever.
I just can´t take the cold weather anymore. I love the snow, but summer is always in my heart!
My boyfriend and I just came back from the beach. We took some beautiful pictures of the sunset with my new camera. Can´t wait to share some of them later tonight.
But now it´s dinner time, and we are making tacos. It´s our favorite dish when we both have a day off from work. Our daughter is staying with her grandma for the night. Wishing you all a good evening. x

Good morning sweet hearts!

Even though I haven´t slept much this night, I am ready for the day. It´s a beautiful sunny day outside, so I will probably take my daughter out to play later. I just put her to sleep right now, so I need to get a few things done while I can. But now I am going to enjoy this breakfast oatmeal. Hope you all have a lovely day!

I´m always in a super hurry when I go shopping in Sweden for some reason, but today I really took my time to see what kind of different stuff they had that I haven´t tried yet. I also did try to buy healthy whole foods, not just fake meats and processed stuff since I don´t have been craving that at the moment. Anyway, Here are what I bought from Sweden:

In the dry section I found a lots of muesli´s that I haven´t seen in Norway before, as well as some superfoods like mulberries that I actually have never tried before, super excited to have that with my smoothie bowls.

In the freezer section I always feel like there is something new every time, wich make me so excited! I really love the springrolls and that other thing from the same brand. The coconut bean curry is my favorite to buy, super delicious dinner you just put right in the micro.

I have never seen organic frozen berries in Norway ever, so I really like to stuck up on that while I´m on the other side. Of course I bought my favorite nice cream and vegan cheese. I also love the alpro yoghurt with passion fruit, and had to buy the new flavor to taste as well.

So there you have my vegan grocery haul from Sweden! I´m super excited to try a lot of this stuff and that my pantry and fridge is finally full again, haha. I think I will be making a new what I ate in a day video featuring some of this products! Let me know if you want to see that 🙂

Check out my last vegan food haul from Sweden here.

Happy Monday everyone, hope you all are doing well!
Today we have been on a short trip to Sweden to do some grocery shopping, and we were so lucky to catch this gorgeous sunset view from the road! I just have this huge love for sunsets, it´s kind of ridiculous. Am I the only one? haha.

Anyhow, we went to Sweden to get some vegan goodies for me. So if you want to see a grocery haul from Sweden, make sure to come back very soon for the haul!

I´m also planning to do much more blogging and filming from now on, so let me know what kind of content you want to see more of in the future 🙂