Vegan food haul from Sweden

Today we have been on the road to Sweden to get some groceries. It´s like vegan heaven on the other side, literally. They have everything from vegan cheeses, vegan milk, yoghurt, cream cheese, meat replacement, Ice creams, ready to eat dinners, organic berries and fruits. They have everything vegan.

Some of the products that I bought:

Even though I don´t eat much of meat replacement and cheeses, I still like to keep them available. I honestly prefer fresh greens, rice and whole foods to fuel my body. But I really like it on pizzas, burgers and pastas. Therefore is this perfect for me, since the products does not expire for while when you buy it.

So, do you guys see anything you would like to try? I would love to make a taste testing video on the ice creams though, let me know if you wanna see that in the comments 🙂


The greatest

Another amazing music video by Sia! I´m obsessed with her work, dedication and passion.

Back home from Northern Norway

Hi guys! I´m back home again after a long weekend in Northern Norway. We´ve had many relaxing days up there, where we catched up with my boyfriend´s family. I honestly didn´t take much pictures from our little trip, but I have a few up on my Instagram (fitveganliving) if you want to check it out.

Today I´ve been at work all day and I´m so exhausted, if you wonder why it´s basically because I started very early this morning and I usually work just night shifts. So it was quite a change to wake up that early. But I like changes!

Anyway, after being in away for a bit I got a clearer head and a lot more inspiration. I want to do more on my blog, and I need to upgrade my camera lens to get the pictures that I want. So if you know any good lenses from Canon that are worth buying and maybe aren´t that expensive let me know in the comments! And let me know what kind of blog post you want to see more of, it helps me a tons. I also have some exciting stuff coming up, so stay tuned for that.



Roadtrip to Northern Norway

On Friday my boyfriend, our daughter and I went on a little road trip up north to my boyfriend´s family. We are having an amazing time here so far!

We weren´t so lucky with the weather as you can see..


But today has been such a beautiful day here up north. It´s been sunny all day and we have been walking outside and been out with the boat where we saw a bunch of whales jumping up and down in the ocean!

IMG_4049This is my view right now, it is just so beautiful.



What I ate in a wedding as a Vegan

I was so surprised when the waiter came with my appetizer, cause I haven´t talked to anyone about me being vegan before the wedding. So I definitely did not expect to get anything vegan at all. So when the food came I got so happy that they had thought of me and that they made sure that I got something to eat as well. How nice of them! If you are a vegan, gluten-free or vegetarian you probably know how happy we get for those things. The food was very tasty as well!
My aunt did also made a vegan chocolate cake that I ate as well, yum yum!

I have more pictures that I want to share from yesterdays wedding, just need to go trough them all. I just want to say that I haven´t had so much fun in a long time. It was a beautiful wedding to say the least.