Glimt of a beautiful day

Today has been a beautiful day! My boyfriend, my baby and I have been by a lake most of the day. The water was too cold to swim in though, so we where just laying in the sun and hanging out.
This week is probably the last week with real Norwegian summer here, so we are trying to enjoy it as much as possible before the fall is coming. On Saturday we are going to a wedding as well, pretty excited about that. I really love my dress that I am going to wear, so stay tuned for that! 🙂



Pre breakfast

Good Morning! Or should I say good afternoon?

I just took my daily tablespoon of black strap molasses and drank a big glass of water, now I am going to enjoy this pre breakfast of grapes and smoothie! I always love to start my morning with lots of fruits and water to hydrate my body after a good night sleep.

Last night I was working all night, and I can feel that I am really exhausted today. Luckily I only work for 3 nights this time and then I have a week off as usual. My big plan for today is to get my ass to the gym! I say my big plan because it´s been a very long time since I have been lifting and I can see and feel it on my body that I really need to start with working out properly again because of my back. My back hurts a lot because I´m standing a lot at work, and when I don´t workout it only get worse of course.

I also got a package today with clothes that I want to show you later today or tomorrow. And on Monday I will be filming a new what I ate in a day as a vegan + a bonus video later next week!

Hope you have a wonderful day!



I danced on live TV for whole Europe yesterday!

Yesterday I danced on the opening ceremony of the UEFA super cup finale with Real Madrid vs Sevilla!

This was once in a lifetime opportunity that I couldn´t ignore. It has been 9 days of 4-6 hours rehearsing every single day! I did not only do this for 9 days, but I also had to take care of my baby girl and work night shifts the first 3 nights. I am exhausted by just thinking about what I´ve done the last week.

Everything was so worth it when we all went on the grass. Even though it was poring down rain and we were all soaking wet before we even had started dancing, it was so much fun! The crowd had a warm atmosphere wich made the performance so much more comfortable with all the nerves that I had. Just think about the millions that watched this on tv… that pressure though!

You can watch the whole opening ceremony here.

After the game we all got tickets to see the rest of the game wich was pretty cool! I was actually surprised to see how good the football players were live compared to on the television, they were so talented it was insane!

All in all, this was the best thing I have ever done and probably will do. I had so much fun and will remember this moment forever 🙂



Cruelty free sunscreen by COOLA


If you are the one those who loves being out in the sun in the summer time it is so important to wear sunscreen! Even if it´s cloudy you should wear it to protect your skin.

By using sunscreen you reduce the risks of cancer, facial brown spots, skin discolorations, facial red veins, blotches and protecting the skin of harmful rays. Also it will slow down aging of the skin! Those reasons are enough for me to make me wear it in the summer. You will thank yourself in 20 years if you use it, I promise !

Coola is an organic brand that I found two years ago before I went on vacation to Croatia,  and I´ve never used it before then. But I honestly loved it so much, they looked good and the ingredients where simple. The body spray was my favorite, very convenient and easy to use. I had the one with pina colada scent and it smelled amazing!  I really liked the face cream as well, it was not sticky at all as most of the sunscreens are for the face.
The Coola brand are high quality skin care line that is eco-friendly and uses only the best organic extracts with vitamins and age-defying antioxidants, it´s waterproof, doesen´t contains lots of chemicals and most importantly it´s cruelty free!

I´m just sharing this with love and passion for  good skin care and I happened to really love this brand. I honestly want more people to buy their product instead of those with high chemicals sunscreens that are tested on animals! This is high quality products that are so much better for the environment, animals and for our skin. You guys should try it, I loved it!



What I ate today as a Vegan


My second what I eat video is up! Please check it out:)