Current Skin Care Favorites

My combination skin is super picky with products I use.
So when I truly find something I like I need to share it with you!

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Dermalogica Daily Resurfacer

My favorite exfoliater when I have small stubborn pimples.
I use it on a clean face and leave the residue to work overnight under my moisturizer.
I like to use it everyday for a week, and then every second day!
It´s just the best thing, and to see my face clear up from it, is so satisfying and definitely worth the high price!

Eco By Sonya Glory Oil

This oil has 3 times more vitamin E than rosehip oil, it´s high in antioxidants, omega fatty acids and zinc.
It´s perfect to prevent scarring and fine lines or just to give the skin extra boost of moisture.
I like to use this were needed also on my nails, hair and where I have a few stretch marks. A staple everyone should have.


Coola Mineral Sunscreen Matte BB Cream

We all know that we need to protect all our hard work on our skin with spf!
But to find the right one for oily/combination skin has been really difficult.
This BB cream must be sent from heaven. It´s perfect as a primer or on a make up free day for protection.
The matte formulation make sure it´s non greasy, and the best part it´s as natural as it can get!

100% Pure Coffee Bean Eye Cream

This little bottle of eye cream has lasted me for such a long time!
It smooths out the eye area and help to prevent wrinkles.
I like to put it in the fridge as it will have a cooling effect on the eyes. And with the coffee bean it will make you look more awake.
And the ingredients tho! So 100% pure as it can get´s.

Eco By Sonya Super Acai exfoliator

Ah, this exfoliator smells like a smoothie. I almost wanna eat it up, yum!
I like to use this if my skin is a bit more on the drier side since I find it quite moisturising.
It´s great for all skin types.

Let me know if you have tried anything and what you would love to try!

The Perfect Summer Dresses

What an incredible month May has been! Lots of sun and hot weather. I love it!
I´ve been obsessed with airy dresses with flowers and colours. They always looks good with a denim jacket. Really simple, but still comfortable.
Here is a few favorites of mine 🙂

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Easter Through My Phone

The last few shots from easter taken through my phone! 🙂

Good Friday

 Some pictures from Good Friday this easter.

This year´s easter has been a good mix of everything from drinks, mountains and skiing with friends and family. I had a blast and a lot of fun. Maybe too much sweets, but that´s the best part I guess, haha.
I hope you all had a beautiful easter as well! Let me know what you guys have been up to!

Breakfast Smoothie Bowl

I always feel so good when I eat whole foods. And a smoothie bowl for breakfast is the perfect start of the day!
In the smoothie bowl I blended together frozen bananas, blueberries and vanilla protein powder. Topped it with fresh kiwi, blueberries and pear. YUM!