Some Favorites Right Now

There so much clothes that I am eager to buy at the moment!
I´m in a desperate need for some sweaters in this cold, so I found some cute ones that I really like.
I love to scroll through post like this to find inspiration, so I hope you guys will do too:)


1. Sweater HERE / 2. Mesh top HERE / 3. Glitter top HERE

4. Turtleneck sweater HERE / 5. Black top HERE / 6. Glitter sweater HERE

7. V-neck sweater HERE / 8. Off shoulder sweater HERE / 9. Scarf HERE

10. White sweater HERE / 11. Pink sweater HERE / 12. Sparkling tee HERE

13. Glitter skirt HERE / 14. Checked skirt HERE / 15. Jeans HERE

16. Shirt HERE / 17. Satin top Here / 18. Rollneck knit HERE


What do you think? Did you find something you liked?

Expectation vs Reality

There was so many of you who really loved the purple hair color I wanted.
It´s very daring color I think, but I´m so happy you loved it too!
I think I will do a separate post on my new hair with pictures later.
But first, I just want to say I am super disappointed that I can´t see the purple balayage that well. It´s a really dark purple that you only can see in day light. So I need to go back for another round.
I feel like this was one of those expectation vs reality moment. I definitely had way too high of expectations when walking into the salon. Oh well, still happy with it though.

Anyway. I just put my daughter to bed and now I´m going to clean up all the toys and do the dishes. Hashtag momlife. Let me know how your day is going! xx

Changing My Hair Color?

Pictures found on pinterest.

Guys! What do you think of this hair color? I am absolutely obsessed!
I don´t know if it´s because of Halloween is around the corner or if it´s because it´s getting really dark outside that I got so inspired. But I have dreaming about this hair color all night. It´s so me!
I have the best hairdresser I go to, so I can´t wait to book an appointment for over the weekend. Hopefully we can create something like the pictures above. I already have long and dark hair, so it will be nice to do something different with my hair for once.
I will of course show you the results next week. I´m so excited! xx




Kora Organics Skin Care + Noni Glow SkinFood Review

I finally got my hands on some of the newest products from Kora Organics. I have been loving their products for a while, so it was super exciting for me when they launched new products!
I´ve been trying out my new goodies for about 8 days now. So this will be a complete review on how I personally find the products to work on my skin.

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3 Step system – Oily / Combination skin


I have used this 3 step system before and I really liked it. It looks like they have changed up a few ingredients and made a better version of the old system. And the packaging has gone through a massive make over as well.
The 3 step system is meant to be used morning and night and It is the foundation for beautiful skin as it balances, renews & beautifies. It´s super simple and makes your skin healthy.

What I like:
I really like the new packaging! I love the gold details and the overall luxury look.
The new packaging on the face cream and the cleanser has now a really nice pump, rather than squeeze bottles where it usually came out more product than I wanted and it ended up wasting product. It´s also more hygienic.
The products it self are really good products and my skin loves them.
Now, let´s talk about the new mist spray! Wow, just wow. I know a lot of people has complaining about it before, myself included did not like it really before. It just was not spraying even on the face, and the spray was just not a hit. But now they have changed it completely, and it´s honestly the best spray mist I have come across. It´s a soft saddle mist. Even if you spray really close to your face, it will have a nice soft touch on the skin.
I really like what they did to it!
I also like that they have systems for different skin types. So whatever your skin type is they have something for anyone.

What I don´t like:
There´s really not that much that I don´t like about it. Some of the product smells a bit more fragrant than they used to. But I can´t say if that´s something I don´t like yet.
Overall it´s a great skin system anyone should have in their bathroom.


Noni Glow Face Oil

I´ve heard a lot about this oil since it´s been launched.
So for me to finally get my hands on it was beyond exciting!
The noni glow face oil is a treatment oil that is going to smooth, nourish and brighten the skin.
It´s known to reduce fine lines and wrinkles. Suitable for ALL skin types.

What I like:
The noni glow oil does really what it´s suppose to do. It gives you a nice glow. It´s not sticky at all. And a few drops is more than enough for the face. That means the product will last for a long time, which is a good thing considering the price.
There are some really good ingredients, such as Noni Extract, rose-hip oil, pomegranate oil and sea buckthorn oil.
It smells really wonderful, however it may be a bit too strong.

What I don´t like:
As I said the smell is too much scented for me. A little too much lavender fragrance for me personally. But I am very sensitive to smells.

Overall a really good face oil. Not sticky, feels nice on the skin and makes you look hydrated and healthy. I think overtime it can make your skin more hydrated and reduce fine lines as it say´s to do. Definitely using this every day in my routine now and it´s a new favorite. I love it!


Noni Glow Skinfood Supplement

This is what I was most excited for after the launch!
I´ve have been looking for something like this for my skin for awhile, so I was sold right away.
Noni glow skin supplement is a superfood supplement that will nourish you from inside and out for optimal wellness and your overall beauty.
It contains a lot of nutrient dense ingredients such as noni fruit extract, matcha green tea, acai and blueberries.

What I like:
I like that it does not taste like noni juice! If you ever have tasted fresh organic noni juice you can probably relate to that it taste so awful and disgusting. Maybe overtime you can get used to it, but for me the smell made me not commit to the noni juice thing. Haha.
However, I was so pleasantly surprised when I tried this supplement with water. It taste like strawberries and fruits. I can´t tell there´s noni in there, which is amazing. I will say that it´s so much better in a smoothie than with water though.
I also love the fact that it´s in small packets, so I can bring it with me anywhere.

What I don´t like:
I actually really like this. There´s nothing that I don´t like about it. All the ingredients are organic and there´s nothing that I don´t want to have in the ingredients list!

This is my new favorite thing. I think if you take this with a balanced nutritional diet and good skin care you can see a different in your skin over time.


So, that completes my review on the Kora Organics!
Overall I love everything that I bought. And I already see a great improvement in my skin after 8 days of trying it out.

I hope you enjoy this kind of review. I would love to know if you want more blog post about skin and reviews like this in the future.
If you have tried anything from Kora Organics before, definitely comment and tell me and everyone else if and what you liked about it. xx

Don´t forget to get your 10$ off you first order on through this link!

Exploring The Nature

Yesterday we did a lot of stuff! First we did go to my boyfriend grandparents place and explored around where they live. Then we went cruising on his brother´s new sailboat.
It´s always so refreshing exploring around where they live. I think it´s super pretty here and I found heaps of beautiful places I want to go next time we are here.
There was a lot of pictures that I was just not happy with, that did not make it to the blog unfortunately.
But hope you enjoy these few pics of pure nature anyway!