What I love most about our apartment is our view. Just look at this gorgeous sunset!
Even though I am looking forward to get a house in the future, I can´t imagine a house without a view.
It definitely does something to the mind and soul.

I am now going to binge watch YouTube videos before getting in the bed.
Hope you are doing well where you are in the world! Good night:)

Flower dress HERE / Purple dress HERE / Jumpsuit HERE -adlinks

Yellow dress HERE / Split skirt HERE / Red dress HERE -adlinks

Shorts (on sale right now!) HERE / Dusty green dress HERE / High neck dress HERE -adlinks

Here are some of the clothing that I really want right now!
NA-KD has been one of my favorites online shops for a while now, I always seem to find something cute. And the best part is that they have FREE worldwide shipping!

Did you see anything you like? Which was your favorite?

The last two weeks have been so wonderful, the weather has been just perfect!
Luckily both me and my boyfriend have had vacation, so we have been soaking up all the sun that we could.
Here are a few pictures from the last two weeks.

When we get a house in the future I want our house to look something like these pictures!
I am so obsessed with the Hampton’s style at the moment. I really like the Hydrangea flowers outside in the garden, the big houses with high sealing. I just love how clean, breezy and airy everything looks. It makes me so happy to look at all of these pictures and I can´t wait to use this inspiration to create our home in the future.

All pictures is found on pinterest. For photo credits and more pictures like this go here.

Let me know in the comments what you think!

A few pictures from today.

I always try to take advantage of the days when it´s sunny here in Norway. And today my daughter and I have been at my parents cabin all day! She absolutely loves to play in the water and be outdoors. I also got a slightly of a tan today finally. Such a gorgeous day!