Gone Camping

I just had to take some sunset pictures tonight. So beautiful!

I hope you are doing well where you are!
We have now arrived to the camping where we will be staying until Sunday.
And I must say that I am already loving it!
We are staying in a camping truck that we are borrowing from my boyfriend´s family. Surprisingly, the space in this tiny truck is not an issue at all, it´s super cozy. And with the beautiful surroundings outside it almost can´t get any better than this.
Linnea did also go straight to the trampoline and the slide. I´m sure she´s gonna like it here as well.

I´m pretty much half in my sleep now, so I´m happy the bed is only one meter from me. Haha. I will try to take more pictures tomorrow. Good night! x

What´s in my makeup bag?

We are roadtrippin this weekend, so what better time to show you what I have in my makeup bag?
I am definitely not a makeup junkie as much I am a skin care junkie. I like to wear simple makeup and keep my skin looking fresh. Special now, since I am a mom, I don´t really have enough time to play with makeup that much.
I am also very picky about what I buy, the ingredients must be as clean as possible. But don´t get me wrong, I love makeup and I love discovering new products!

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Foundation / concealer:

The foundation I have been using is from 100% pure, and it´s my first liquid foundation I have used in maybe 5-6 years. How crazy is that?! The coverage is buildable and I love how light it feels on my skin.
The concealer I have is the Bare Minerals Complete Coverage Serum. The coverage is really good and I like to use it under my eyes and wherever I need it.

Bronzer / Powder / Blush

Both the powder and the bronzer I use is from 100% pure. I really like both of them and it does whatever it needs to. Maybe there is better products out there I am sure, but I don´t think they are that bad actually! And the ingredients are a big reason why I like to use 100% pure.
Bare Minerals Blush is the blush I have been using for years. It has a bit of shimmer in it, which I personally like. It gives a nice natural glow to the face.

Brows / Mascara

Now, I am a huge fan of the Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Wiz, this tool has made my brows looking good every single day. It´s just the best thing and I won´t go anywhere without it. Also, the Milani Brow Shaping Clear Gel is something I can´t live without anymore. It gives my brows the best finish and keeps the hair on place.
For the best lashes effect I am using the Eyeko London – Black Magic Lash Curl & Deluxe set.

Eyeshadow / Eyeliner

A convenient eyeshadow palette that I always have with me is the Milani Everyday Eyeshadow Palette in the color Earth. It´s perfect when travelling and to keep around in the bag. I also use a black eyeliner from Odylique. It´s a nice vegan eyeliner I use just on the top of my eyes.


So I like to keep all my favorite brushes in my make up bag at all times. My favorite brush for applying foundation is the Real Techniques Face Expert Brush. I absolutely love this brush, it´s so much better than using a beauty blender.
I also love the powder brush F10 and F40 Large Contour Brush from Sigma for blush and powder/bronzer. They are super soft and applies makeup so perfect.
For eyeshadow I am loving the E55 shading brush from Sigma. It just can do everything and it blends out everything very easily.

That´s everything I have in my makeup bag. You can get the bag HERE.
I don´t really like using any lip products on a regular basis as you can see, I only use the lip cream from Frank Body.
I also use rosehip oil instead of highlighter on my cheek bone for a super natural glow.

If you want to see more post like this, let me know in the comments.
And if you have any tips on good makeup brands that are vegan that I would like, please let me know:)

The best sunset view in town

What I love most about our apartment is our view. Just look at this gorgeous sunset!
Even though I am looking forward to get a house in the future, I can´t imagine a house without a view.
It definitely does something to the mind and soul.

I am now going to binge watch YouTube videos before getting in the bed.
Hope you are doing well where you are in the world! Good night:)

NA-KD favorites

Flower dress HERE / Purple dress HERE / Jumpsuit HERE -adlinks

Yellow dress HERE / Split skirt HERE / Red dress HERE -adlinks

Shorts (on sale right now!) HERE / Dusty green dress HERE / High neck dress HERE -adlinks

Here are some of the clothing that I really want right now!
NA-KD has been one of my favorites online shops for a while now, I always seem to find something cute. And the best part is that they have FREE worldwide shipping!

Did you see anything you like? Which was your favorite?

The last two weeks

The last two weeks have been so wonderful, the weather has been just perfect!
Luckily both me and my boyfriend have had vacation, so we have been soaking up all the sun that we could.
Here are a few pictures from the last two weeks.