I Just made my first salad from my own grown greens!
I haven´t made a salad in so long. How ironic, since I am vegan? haha.  I thought it turned out super cute with the coconut bowl and the fresh berries, and I of course had to document my first harvest.
I can´t wait to harvest more and grow more veggies on our terrace this summer!

Are you growing something this summer?

I thought it was about that time I updated my skin care routine, since it´s summer and I have changed up a few things since winter. By switching up your skincare routine, you can make the most of these outdoor months.

As you may know, I like to use the same skin care brand for my face. That´s because I personally think that the ingredients are complementing each other for the best result. For this summer I chose to use the brand Frank body.
I have always been obsessed with their moisturizer, so I though I would try out the whole range this summer. And I really like the products so far!

After removing make up I always start with massaging the cleanser gently on my face. If I´ve had make up on I like to cleanse twice or use my spin brush to really get rid of all the make up. Then wash it off with water.

I exfoliate every second day at night for the best results. I either use the creamy face scrub by frank body, wich is really nice on the face and get rid of the dirt! Or I like to use the exfoliation brush on my spin brush with the cleanser. I feel like exfoliation is an absolute essential for my skin type (Combination skin), and my skin always feels baby soft after.

I like to use a face mask once a week. When it comes to face mask I have a few different ones that I like to use. It really depends on if I feel like my skin is dry or if I want to deep clean my pores. I will also make a blog post about my favorite masks very soon. And there will also be a face mask in my next monthly favorites post.

Keeping your skin hydrated in summer is equally important as in winter!
After my face is clean I put on my everyday face moisturiser. This is one of my favorite product, my skin feels so smooth and hydrated. I highly recommend it.

I mean, who does want chapped lips? I am a sucker for the lip scrub, wich smell so delicious I almost want to eat it. It definitely smells like a frappéchino from Starbucks. I like to scrub my lips every second day. And then apply the lip balm wich will smooths and moisturise the lips to make them kissable!

This is my secret. Really, it is. HydraFacial is something I recently have started getting done again. I´m trying to get it done at least once a month at a skin clinic. The benefits of Hydrafacial is so good that I can´t recomend it enough.
The treatment is a hell of expensive, but it´s kind of worth it if you want youthful looking skin. You can cleanse, scrub and moisturise your skin all you want, but it will not get your skin to the next level. What I mean is that if you want to improve your skin in a deeper level and see good results you need to get into this. Micro dermabrasion or needling can be a really good alternative.

That completes my skin care routine for this summer! Let me know what kind of skin care brands you are using at the moment, I would love to know!:)


These super delicious waffles are one of my favorites recipes! They taste exactly like what Norwegians waffles should taste like. And they are made completely vegan! You can make them sugar-free if you want, and there are no oil in the recipe.



  • 4,5 dl Soymilk
  • 1 Tbs Apple cider vinegar
  • 3 dl flour
  • 1 scoop Vanilla protein powder (affiliate link)
  • 1 ts Cardamom
  • 1,5 ts Baking powder
  • 1/2 dl sugar (If you don´t want to use white sugar, you can either use 1 mashed banana or coconut sugar. Or you can just skip it)
  • Few drops of vanilla extract


1. Whisk together soymilk and apple cider vinegar and let it sit for a few minutes.
2. Then you just whisk together the rest of the ingredients and let it sit for a few minutes.
3. Now it´s time to make the waffles! If you don´t have a non stick waffle iron like I to, use a little bit of vegan butter, just so it dosen´t stick.

Congratulations, You have now made some super delicious waffles! Wasn´t that easy?
I stack mine like pancakes and topped them with fresh berries and drizzled on some maple syrup. Keep in mind that if you don´t use sugar, I really do recommend using some kind of sweetener on the waffles like maple syrup.

Hope you end up loving this recipe as much as I do! I make this almost everyday!:)

Hello there lovely people! I want to share a really good hair tip with you guys!
This is a perfect treatment if you want your hair to feel softer and look shinier.
This extreme conditioning treatment have been working very well for me, and I could not hesitate to share it with you.
I do this once a week, but usually it´s enough to do it twice a month. If your hair is very damaged I recommend you do it once a week. All it takes is one hour, but you can sit longer or less if you want to of course.

What you need is:
♡ Your favorite hair mask or Coconut/Argan/Caster oil
♡ Hair clamps
♡ Plastic foil/bag
♡ Hairdryer
♡ Towel

Pictures found on weheartit.com, edit by me.

The first thing you do is to put your favorite hair mask or oil in dry hair, and make sure that you have it evenly throughout the hair, especially at the end where it usually is more damaged.

The next thing you do is to put the hair up in a lump with a hair clamp. Then take the plastic foil over your hair, and try to cover up all the hair.

After you put the plastic foil over your hair, you blow the hairdryer all over to make the hair warm. The reason why you do that is because when the hair get’s warm the pores opens up, so the treatment goes deeper into your hair. And works much more effectively!

Right after your finished with the hairdryer, you immediately take the towel and cover the plastic foil. That’s so the heat last longer. Now you can just sit down and relax. Maybe do a face mask or fix the nails while you wait:)

After you feel like you had the treatment long enough in your hair, just wash it off with shampoo and follow-up with a good conditioner. Now your done!


I promise your hair will feel super soft after this luxurious treatment, and will help keeping your hair healthy.
Let me know if you try it, I will love to know how it helped your hair:)

Last night I made this video just for fun, but I thought it turned out super cute. So I just had to share it with you.
The video is from when we was at the cabin a few weeks ago, you can read the blog post HERE.

I hope you enjoyed the video, I would love to know what you think about it!