Welcome to my blog!

About Me

Hi! My name is Katrine and I come from Norway where I live with my boyfriend and our daughter.
Besides working nightshifts part-time I enjoy hanging with friends & family.
I also enjoy taking pictures, creating videos, house decorating, cooking, finding new beauty secrets and most importantly being a mom!

I love to stay active by taking dance classes and doing weight lifting. But I vary my workouts with yoga, pilates, and a good hike too.
Dancing has been a passion of mine for most of my life, it´s truly where I can express anything without saying anything, and it´s been an obsession since the beginning!

The Blog

I started blogging as early as back in 2008, and have had multiple blogs over the years. However in 2015 when being pregnant with my daughter I created and landed on my own platform. And this is where I´ve been since.
Sharing and looking back at my journey has been extremely fulfilling and rewarding to me, and I will continue to create looking forward!
This is the place where you will find all about parts of my life, beauty related content, travels, wellness, lifestyle, and recipes.

Collaborations & Contact Info

I do accept collaborations, you can contact me by filling out this form HERE, or you can send an email to: katrinem.contact@gmail.com