COOLA Suncare – Choose Organic This Summer

COOLA Suncare is an organic brand that I found two years ago before I went on vacation to Croatia.
It was the first time trying this brand, and I honestly loved it so much.
The body spray was my favorite, very convenient and easy to use. I had the one with pina colada scent and it smelled amazing!
I really liked the face cream as well, it was not sticky at all as most of the sunscreens are for the face.

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COOLA is a high-quality suncare line that is eco-friendly and uses only the best organic extracts with vitamins and age-defying antioxidants, it´s waterproof, does not contains lots of chemicals and most importantly it´s cruelty-free!
I can´t wait to see what they are coming out with next and to see them evolve and grow.

By using sunscreen regularly you are reducing the risks of cancer, facial brown spots, skin discolorations, facial red veins, blotches and protecting the skin of harmful rays. Also, it will slow down the aging of the skin!
Those reasons are enough for me to make me wear sunscreen this summer. You will thank yourself in 20 years, I promise!

I´m just sharing this with love and passion for good skin care and I happened to really love fall in love with this brand.
This is high-quality products that are so much better for the environment, animals and for our skin.
You guys should try it out for yourself, you won´t be disappointed!

Let me know your favorite COOLA product or what product you want to try out, I would love to know!


PS: Don´t forget to get your 10$ off your first order with this link!

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