My current home workout routine as a dancer (Lower body)

The last two weeks I have been working out at home since the new year started. I am a member at the gym, but I wanted to focus more on my flexibility and technic before the new dance semester is starting this week.
I will do an update routine when I have started with dance classes and lifting weights again.
This workout routine has only been something I´ve done to get the body started again after the christmas holiday.
So I usually do this workout every second day, and the other days I would focus on the upper body.

I start with warming up to this basic Pilates workout:

And then I do this booty workout! It burns so good if you don´t stop and just continue until your done with the first leg. Repeat X2 on each leg if you can! (Skip to 4:55 for the workout) :

After I´m done with those above I would do some leg raises in turn out, turn in and parallel. And then I will finish with a good flexibility training as the one below.
(Btw, she has 7 day´s of split flexibility workout on her channel, I´ve done them all and still do them everyday. They are really amazing to get deeper into your splits. Just thought I would share that with you if you want to improve your flexibility.)

So there you have my current workout routine at home. No equipment needed!
My splits have improved and I feel stronger, but I am ready to challenge myself again in dance classes and at the gym.


  1. February 6, 2017 / 2:56 AM

    Oh my gosh, I’ve been looking for a new flexibility routine. I will definitely be checking this out :).

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