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Happy Monday everyone!
I have been up at the mountain since Saturday and came back from the cabin a few hours ago.
We have just been relaxing and taking it easy this weekend. Since I´ve been working night shifts from last Sunday until Thursday, it´s been really nice to charge up some new energy before I´m going to work night shifts again tomorrow. But I am so dead right now, I don´t know how many times I´ve been fallen asleep while writing this post, haha. I think it´s time for me to find the bed now! I will come back stronger again tomorrow. Hope you enjoy these few pictures that I took. I have more to come. xx


  1. March 21, 2017 / 3:07 PM

    Aww this must have been such a relaxing time at the cabin.. Crazy to be looking at snow with spring aproaching so quickly here in London. Have a good week!
    xx finja |

    • Katrinem
      March 22, 2017 / 1:09 AM

      It was super relaxing, definitely needed that.
      I can imagine! Hopefully spring will come soon to Norway also.
      Have a good week yourself! 🙂

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