Little Life Catch-Up

Hi, lovelies! I hope you are doing good!
Last week was the worst… We all got some type of virus and we were not feeling it.
My daughter has also been regularly sick ever since she started in kindergarten in fall. But she is doing much better now finally!
That´s why I haven´t really posted much about our everyday life lately.

Always listenting to music!

Since I was sick last week, it´s been over a week since last night shift. And to be honest, never have I felt better.
I sleep better, eat better and generally have a healthier schedule. Our apartment is very much organized finally. I also have more energy to do yoga and activities with Linnea. Life just feels better right now. And I´m kind of scared of going back to work now everything is this great.
Luckily I have the rest of the week to enjoy!

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