Pool & Beach Days In Greece

Our first week in Crete has been far more than amazing. It´s been incredible. Although, I cannot believe it´s been 1 week already!

The time has gone mostly to the pool area. They have so many pools here with slides for kids and Linnea has been having a blast!
We tried the beach one day but she definitely likes it best at the pool. Although I personally would prefer the beach, we really are focusing on Linnea to have her best time here.
We Tried the beach again for the second time on Friday, but she was really bored. The waves here are so big, so she doesn’t want to go for a swim which is understandable! But we are going to Elafonissi next week which is known to be great for kids, so hopefully, she will like it there!
Anyway here are a bunch of pictures from our first week!

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