Elafonisi Beach

This was one of the highlights of our trip to Crete!

I really wanted to rent a car while we were here, but we ended up with a tourist bus this time just because we thought it would be easier (We have never rented a car before). I´m glad we went on the bus though, we learned so much of the Crete culture and got to actually see a lot of Crete landscape.

A few honest thoughts on Elafonisi beach is that its many people there, very typical tourist place to go to. I still recommend going through, but try to avoid the busiest times if you can. They have cute little shops you can buy souvenirs and food shops too. I would have loved to stay there for longer and see the sunset!

Overall it was a nice place, very beautiful!

On the bus ride home, we stopped to see a cave inside a mountain and enjoyed some ice cream. Very pretty view and cool place to see as well!