Skiing In The Alps – Austria Day 2

skiing in the alps

This day was the best day we have ever had when skiing in our lives.
Skiing in the alps has been a dream come true.

Well, first thing first we started the day with an absolutely delicious breakfast at the hotel. They had the best coffee, fresh smoothies & juices, overnight oats, and all the good stuff you would want!

Then we got our skis that we rented for the day and went straight up to the mountain. The place has one of the biggest resorts with something like 70 lifts!

It took some time to get all the way to the top, but we were able to do some skiing in between the lifts which were nice.
We spent the whole day only on the right side of the map, and that was just a tiny bit of resorts. So if you ever are lucky enough to visit, I would highly recommend having more days to explore this beautiful place.

skiing in the alps
skiing in the alps

The pictures definitely don´t do it justice of how beautiful it was! And how lucky were we with the weather?! The next day it was cloudy.

We then ate lunch in one of the restaurants at the top while enjoying the gorgeous view.

After a day skiing in the alps, we ended it off with after-ski enjoying some drinks!

We all then went out for dinner the same place as the day before and ate delicious food and had a few drinks.

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