Noni Night By Kora Organics Review + First Impression

Noni night is the newest addition to the Kora Organics skincare range.
As you all know I have been loving their products for the past years, so it´s always so exciting when they launch new products!

Noni night

Noni night is an AHA resurfacing night serum that uses AHAs, BHA, and ferments to help minimize the appearance of pores, fine lines, and wrinkles. By gently exfoliating the surface of the skin it will help brighten, improve skin texture, even complexion and smooths the skin. YES, please!
Noni night has been infused and energized with amethyst crystal to add the amethyst power into your skin too!
Key ingredients include Noni fruit extract, willow bark extract, lemon peel ferment, Sicilian white grapes, and caviar lime.

I decided I wanted to test out this product every night for about a week before I revealed my review. Already after the first-night use, I noticed my skin got plumper and smoother.
Now after a week, it has done something to the skin. However, knowing it´s all organic, natural, clean and good for the skin I know in the long run with consistency it will make my skin so wonderful! I can´t wait to see results in a few months.
The texture is light and I think it will be perfect for someone with problematic skin without clogging pores while providing the benefits of clearer skin.

Noni night
Noni night

What do you think? Are you getting your hands on the new Noni Night?


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