Cala Egos Beach – Balearic Islands

Cala Egos

This little resort town is known for being home to 5 amazing cove beaches, and just a little walk from our hotel was an additional cove beach called Cala Egos, also known as Caló de ses Egües.
We discovered Cala Egos, which was so amazing it could easily be considered the 6th amazing beach in the resort area.

One of the highlights of exploring Cala Egos beach was the crystal clear blue/green turquoise ocean and the beautiful soft sand beach between the rugged cliff walls. The beach was small, but if you walked on a pathway against the cliff there were so many spots we could jump or dive into the ocean and experience spots to snorkel and enjoy a nice time in the ocean.
The highest spot you can safely jump from is only about 20 feet.

Cala Egos
Cala Egos
Cala Egos
Cala Egos Beach

I loved spending time at this mini cove beach. And I hope to visit and explore more of this area in the future!

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