Lopud Island, Croatia

Lopud Island
Lopud Island

It´s been 9 years since we were in beautiful Lopud Island in Croatia. It´s a small boat trip over from Dubrovnik, and it´s a cute relaxed little Island with fun things to do.

I came over a few pictures from when I was there, so I thought I would share them with you.
I hope you enjoy them and perhaps get inspired to travel to this beautiful place yourself.

I still remember the most beautiful sunsets, the view from the apartment, and the delicious foods.
I highly recommend going there if you are looking for a relaxed place to spend your vacation!
A repeated dinner I always was eating was Risotto, It was so yummy. And there was the most delicious ice cream shop nearby where we stayed.

Sunset view
Lopud Island Ocean View
Lopud Island
We spend one day in Dubrovnik as well looking around.

I love all these pictures, they make me want to travel back there so badly, hopefully, one day I can go back!

Have you been to Lopud Island before?


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