Welcome December

Wow, I can´t believe this year is almost over, and we now are in December. The time really does fly.
Since this is one of my favorite months, I really want to make this year a little more fun. So, I thought I would make a list over what I want to achieve this month. I have so many things that I want to do, so when I make a list like this, maybe it will be easier to actually do them. Maybe you will find something you want to do as well.
I was thinking about doing monthly goals in the beginning of each months from now on. Let me know if you like that idea.


  1. Before I got pregnant I was always looking forward to that time when I got children so I could take them to get photographed before christmas. And then give out christmas card to our friends and family. We did not do that last year, and I still regret it today. So I really want to do it this year!
  2. Blog every single day of December. Yep, I am going to blog everyday this month, and I am very excited and have many post that I can´t wait to share with you.
  3. This year I really want to bake cookies for christmas. I haven´t done that in years, therefore I thought that would be a fun activity to do to get in christmas spirit. I am curious to what kind of delicious cookies I can make vegan. Yum.
  4. Book tickets to New York. Yes, me and my boyfriend are going to New York this January! Well, we have thought about it, and since I am writing it here we absolutely need to do it. I can´t wait to show him one of my favorites city in the world.
  5. Take many beautiful pictures. I need wipe away all the dust from my camera, cause I have been lacking on taking pictures lately. Taking pictures is a big passion of mine. I love a good photography.
  6. I would love to take my daughter to baby swimming, I think she would absolutely love that. And maybe take her to a fun playground. She is getting so big now, she just started walking a lot by herself, so it´s definitely a fun time.
  7. Workout. I absolutely need to have this on the list. Since I have the last dance class for this year next week before christmas, I need to keep working out on my own to keep the body going in the holidays. Lifting some weights at the gym 2-3 times a week will probably be enough.

Tell me in the comments what kind of goals you have for this month!

Sunset by the beach

The last week here in Norway has been so nice with sun all day. And the sunsets are incredible.
We took some pictures by the beach tonight. So beautiful isn´t it?


Vegan Garden Stew (Grønne Folk)

I´m obsessed. I bought this dinner packages and beet hummus yesterday in Trondheim, and it´s so delicious! It´s so budget friendly as well, only 2-3$ each. Definitely gonna buy a lot of it when I´m in Trondheim next time!

I made the garden stew today with couscous and topped it with Oatly Fraiche. Yummy!!

Tonight me and my boyfriend are going out for some drinks while Linnea (our baby girl) are staying over with her grandma. Hope you all are having a wonderful Saturday!



Sunset is my favorite color


The best thing in the world

Written December 15, 2013

Here I go again. The music is clinging loud inside my headphones and I just let my hidden feelings take over me. I love it when the music leads my emotions and my thoughts. I find inspiration and I find my self and who I am. Sometimes it can be easy to lose myself when times get hard and when I’m stressed out, so just to listen to music makes me relax and find peace inside my thoughtful head.

Just a small incident made me write this post, I don’t know why, but just that tiny little thing made me think and feel something that only happens rarely. This is actually why I love to dance, I get to express all of this hidden feelings and emotions and let it all out in the movement. I tend to keep a lot of things to my self, and when I dance I can finally push it all out. It’s the best thing in the world.