Christmas Morning

Hi guys! How are you? Hope you all have had a wonderful christmas time!

I thought I would share a few snapshots from our Christmas morning with you:)

Taco Night & Christmas Movie

Everytime my boyfriend and I have a day off at the same time we make it into a taco night!
ItĀ“s one of our little things, haha.
We also always make sure we make extra so Linnea can have some for lunch the day after. She loves it šŸ™‚

We are now going to watch Santa Claus, which is one of my favorite christmas movies!

Derma Rolling Changed My Skin In One Week

Exactly one week ago I tried derma rolling for the first time. ItĀ“s kind of funny because IĀ“ve had it in my beauty closet for years, but never really tried it until a week ago. Thank god I decided on trying it!

My skin type is combination skin. However, ever since I started using Kora Organics products for combination skin, it definitely has been normalized, and my skin has been doing good. But I took it to the next level when starting derma rolling!


I do this every other night before I go to sleep. (3-4 days a week)
First I cleanse > Exfoliate > Derma Roll my entire face > Put on Noni Glow from Kora Organics > Moisturise.

The next day I wake up with super soft baby skin. ItĀ“s truly amazing!
After one week of doing this now, itĀ“s insane how glowing my skin is. My pores are minimized to the extreme IĀ“ve ever seen before, It looks like I got a facelift, and I usually have small pimples on my cheeks. But they are now none existent. The overall texture of my skin has improved.
IĀ“m so sad that I have not done this sooner thinking about all the benefits after just ONE WEEK. I am so happy about this, and canĀ“t reccomend it enough.


Reduces fine lines/wrinkles, scars, hyperpigmentation, acne, rosacea, premature aging, stretch marks, age spots, minimizing pores, hair loss.


Right after dermaĀ rolling my skin gets red and I can feel some itchiness, but that is a completely normal reaction.Ā If you follow the instructions and are careful what products you put on after, there should be no side effects.

Let me know if you have tried derma rolling! I really wanna know šŸ™‚

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Getting In The Christmas Spirit

The last two days of dance classes has been so much fun! Leading up to christmas we have done the classes to christmas music. I must say, starting the week with ballet class to christmas music has really got me in the christmas spirit this week!

I also finally managed to get up the tree today. Although, decorating it right now is not a priority. All I want to do is just snuggle in the couch and drink my tea. ItĀ“s just one of those days.
But IĀ“m excited to blog more this month. I have a few recipes I canĀ“t wait to share along with some other stuff!
Hope you all are doing great, and are enjoying December so far. Such an exciting time isnĀ“t it?

Buying A House?

Happy thanksgiving everyone!
The last week has been really stressful. Switching from night shift to regular schedule in one day feels like the worst jetlag everĀ the first days!

I also have been super stressed about whether we where going to buy a house or not. We ended up not buying! It just was not the right time. I really liked the house, It was beautiful, but it was quite old and we needed to do things to the basement that could end up cost a lot of money.
We just didnĀ“t want that stress in our life right now.
However, we are going to focus on our apartment at this stage. We have a pretty good apartment with a lot of opportunities that is going to get some love now. Kind of excited about that!

Some inspiration for a house. Found on pinterest.