Our Crazy Weekend Trip To Austria – Day 1

Wow, what a crazy weekend trip to Austria my BF and I have had!
Wednesday started with a layover at Radisson Blu Oslo Airport, Gardemoen, Where we were so lucky and got a junior suite. Of course, we did the best out of it and enjoyed room service, took a lovely bath in the bathtub, and watched a nice movie. I slept like a baby a few hours before our flight!
Best start to our trip.

The next day we flew to Munich and from there we took a taxi to Fieberbrunn in Austria.
I cannot describe how uncomfortable the taxi trip where…
I mean who would be comfortable driving in a motorway at 160 km/h? Trust me it was a nerve-wracking ride, haha. If the driver had done one mistake we all would not have made it I´m sure.

The view outside our hotel.

After a crazy taxi ride to our hotel in Fieberbrunn, we went for a nice lunch with the rest of the crew we were traveling with.
The restaurant was well executed with a Flintstones theme. The waitresses were so sweet and helpful and were always making sure we were ok.
I think we were eating at this place 3 times during this weekend!

weekend trip in austria

Then we got our hotel rooms and relaxed until we went out for dinner.
We walked to another super lovely restaurant and the food has been far more than amazing. After a delicious dinner and desserts, we enjoyed a few drinks at the hotel.

weekend trip in austria

The funniest thing happened at the bar when ordering a Strawberry Daquiri and instead got 4 cherries on a plate, haha. We all got a good laugh, to say the least.
They clearly don´t speak English that well in Austria, but still are such lovely people.
You can see the cherries on the plate on the picture under, haha.

weekend trip to austria

Day 2 was all about skiing in the alps with crazy insane hills. We went all the way to the highest point. My next blog post is all about this day with tons of pictures!

Weekend Trip To Austria
Day 2
Day 3

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